Hannah Essaih



Liverpool, Sydney NSW

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About Hannah 

"Hannah is a qualified rehabilitation counsellor who has for the last 14 years, been working to provide assessment, return to work services and case management to people who have sustained an injury. Hannah has experience completing case management services in the post-acute discharge period. Hannah has worked with people from varied cultural and socio-economic backgrounds and is willing to adapt strategies to ensure inclusiveness of all different backgrounds where possible.

Hannah’s passion and primary area of expertise is providing assistance to return to activities that will assist with employment. This includes:

  • Avocational activities (for example: courses or activities not related directly to work)
  • Pre-vocational planning (activities in the stage prior to return to work)
  • Vocational planning (locating and maintaining employment)

Hannah is available for phone contact Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday between 9.30am to 4.30pm. If she is unavailable for any reason, Reboundrehab employs numerous Lifetime Care approved case managers that may be able to assist you."

About Reboundrehab

"Reboundrehab is a NSW-based health service provider staffed by various health professionals who are able to work collaboratively to assist with case management and assessment following an injury. We are made up of occupational therapists, rehabilitation counsellors, psychologists and social workers who are all able to assist with the many dimensions of case management and specialised assessment or therapy services.

Please contact us by phone or email if you require any further information.

Areas of Specialisation

  • Vocational and return to work services
  • Work options planning
  • Severe injury case management (post-acute)
  • Adults with spinal cord injury
  • Adults with traumatic brain injury."