Gina Marozzi

Prestige Health Service Australia


Batemans Bay, NSW

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About Gina

"Gina is a rehabilitation counsellor with 10 year’s experience working in injury management and workplace rehabilitation services. She has experience within Lifetime Care, providing Work Options Plans and Vocational Services as well as working with Workers Compensation NSW and ACT, Comcare, DVA and TAC.

Gina has worked with numerous emergency service providers with clientele suffering PTSD, and has provided case management to drivers and pedestrians of motor vehicle accidents in Victoria, providing assistance in the facilitation and monitoring of treatment, engagement of medical providers and provision of vocational services.

Gina has provided services to people with brain injury, spinal injury, orthopaedic and musculoskeletal injuries and psychiatric conditions.

Gina resides in the Batemans Bay region and has a good working knowledge of medical and allied health treatment providers in the area and is familiar with government and community services that may be available to participants."