Gemma Nixon

Integrity Therapy Services


Blayney NSW

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About Gemma

"Gemma has been providing case management services to Lifetime Care participants since 2009. This includes working within the relevant guidelines to achieve optimal, holistic goals and outcomes for participants of the Scheme. Gemma enjoys being participant centred with goal setting and is highly inclusive of family, carers and others involved in the participant’s treatment, rehabilitation and care.

Gemma’s specialist areas are adults with spinal cord injuries and traumatic brain injuries, although she has skills and experience case managing clients and their families / carers with a wide range of injuries, disabilities and complexities.

Gemma has grown up in the central tablelands area of NSW and has worked within regional, rural and remote areas of NSW throughout her career as an occupational therapist and case manager. She has well-developed knowledge of and communication networks with a wide variety of service providers in the area for effective and timely management of referrals for participants.

Gemma has a strong commitment to assisting regional, rural and remote participants to gain equal opportunities for healthcare and service provision regardless of their location, disability or injuries.

About Integrity Therapy Services

Integrity promotes:

  • BALANCE of work, leisure, social, personal care and family occupations
  • EVOLUTION of individuals from disability or disease to active participants in their life roles and environments and the
  • MASTERY of occupations for an improved sense of wellbeing and quality of life for individuals.

Integrity Therapy Services provides a broad range of occupational therapy and case management services across Central Western and Riverina / Murray areas of NSW and beyond.

We aim to provide an individualised, service to clients and their families and / or carers in a respectful and proficient manner, regardless of the circumstances, medical conditions or disability experienced. Integrity Therapy Services aims to keep up to date with current and researched therapeutic practices and education to ensure that the services provided are second to none."