Dawn Mills


Hazelbrook, NSW

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About Dawn

“I have provided case management services whilst employed by two rehabilitation providers and as part of my own private practice since 1995. I have typically specialised in the management of complex and catastrophic injuries (spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury, multiple injuries). My clients have included people with ventilated quadriplegia, people with complete and incomplete spinal cord injuries, those with both spinal and brain injury, and people with traumatic brain injury ranging from moderately impaired to extremely severely impaired and requiring 24-hour care.

I have provided case management services to clients in urban areas as well as in rural and remote areas. Due to personal circumstances, I have good insight into issues facing clients living on remote rural properties or country towns with minimal services. I have established effective communication skills as well as knowledge of a range of other providers and services in both urban and rural settings.”

Areas of Specialty:

Working with adults with acquired brain injury and/or spinal cord injury