Kahi Puru

Kahi lost his leg after a workplace forklift accident. He trains six days a week and represented Australia in weightlifting at the 2000 Sydney Paralympics.

Kahi Puru - Paralympic Weight lifterKahi Puru is one of Australia’s best bench press power lifters, having represented Australia in bench press powerlifting in the 100 kilos plus class at the 2000 Sydney Paralympics.

After mastering the strength and skill required in powerlifting, Kahi turned to his attentions to hand-cycling, competing in several New York marathons.

At the age of 29 Kahi was crushed in a workplace forklift accident which resulted in his leg being amputated at the hip.

Kahi refuses to let his disability restrict his life, rigorously training six days a week and successfully completing courses in fitness and disability.

Kahi shares his story in the hope that others understand the importance of workplace safety. “I’ve experienced first-hand how a workplace injury can have a devastating effect on the individual and their loved ones, as well as on the workplace. By sharing my experience, I can make people more safety-aware,"

“Being able to prevent one workplace injury is worth its weight in gold”.