John Marshall

A motorcycle accident left John with paraplegia. He returned to the police force, serving for 44 years and he received the Australian Police Medal.

John Marshall - Paralympic ArcherJohn Marshall’s dedication to archery earned him a place on the Australian Paralympic Team at the 2000 Paralympic Games in Sydney.

John was as working as a NSW police constable when a motorcycle accident left him with paraplegia. John discovered his passion for archery through his early years of rehabilitation.

John has successful remained with the NSW Police and has served the community for 44 years. In 2009 John was awarded the Australian Police Medal for distinguished service in the Australia Day Honours.

John story is an excellent example of someone who against the odds and through the support of his family, friends and employer could return to a career in which he continues to be a valued and respected leader. “When life seems unfair, you need to get up and get on with it”.

John Marshall - Paralympian Speakers Program