Joany Badenhorst

Joany lost her leg as a child in a tractor accident and was the first Australian female Para-snowboarder, competing in the Sochi Winter Paralympic Games.

Joany Bradenhorst - Paralympic SnowboarderJoany Badenhorst is the first Australian female athlete to compete in Para-snowboarding at the 2014 Sochi Winter Paralympic Games. Joany’s continued hard work and determination has earned her the opportunity to represent Australia in the 2018 Winter Paralympics.

When Joany was still a child she lost her left leg below the knee following a tractor accident on her family’s farm.

Joany enjoys painting, specialising in sketching portraits and cityscapes, offering her a getaway from the hectic nature of life as a Paralympic Athlete and a break from her university studies.

Joany’s personal story reveals her passion for life and inspires others to overcome adversity. “You need to decide what type of life you want to live”.