icare Paralympian Speakers Program

Bookings for the Paralympian Speaker Program are now open for virtual engagements only at this stage. If you would like to book a virtual engagement please direct your enquiry to Meagan Collard at Paralympian@icare.nsw.gov.au

The program is run in partnership with Paralympics Australia and provides, free of charge, icare customers with access to Paralympians who have been affected by a workplace injury. The Program is a unique way to raise the awareness of workplace health and safety with employees.

Pictured above: Ben Houlison, Paralympian Adaptive Rower

What our speakers do

Our speakers deliver tailored presentations across all industry groups, focusing on the importance of workplace health and safety.

By sharing personal stories of their own workplace accidents, our speakers hope to educate others about its real-life impact, and the affect it had on not only their lives, but those of their family, friends and colleagues. 

They each have a unique and different experience to share and are passionate about doing so, in the hope of preventing injuries and helping others. Our speakers demonstrate that with the support of those around them, an injured worker can recover and go on to contribute to a workplace and the community or, like in their own life stories, become a top performing athlete.

Benefits for our customers

By hosting one of our speakers, icare customers can meaningfully engage their people on the importance of workplace health and safety; encouraging them to speak up, to look out for risks and for one another.  

The program aims to help our customers empower their people and reduce their workplace incidents, as well as improve their return to work outcomes.

John Marshall - Paralympian Speakers Program

“We were honoured to host an icare speaker today as a workplace safety advocate and learn how unsafe work practices can be life-changing for workers, their family and the community. I commend icare on their Paralympian Speakers Program initiative.”

George Livery, Swisse Wellness

Meet our speakers