TMF legal panel

When a legal matter relating to a claim decision emerges, it will be referred to a law firm appointed to the TMF legal panel.

The TMF legal panel aims to provide legal expertise, cost efficiency and sustainability. It has been established through a competitive public tender process.

Within the panel there are subpanels for different areas of litigation.

They are:

  • General claims
  • Complex claims
  • Workers compensation
  • Medical liability
  • Employment matters including fidelity
  • Protective actions

How the panel works

Cases are distributed equally between firms on the Main Panel using a legal panel management system called the NSW Legal Panel Gateway (LPG). The LPG is an internet based software system for managing procurement. icare Insurance for NSW, claims managers, member agencies and firms use the LPG.

The Supplementary Panel will be used when: there is an overflow of work; a conflict of interest in the Main Panel that cannot be resolved; a firm with particular expertise; to develop the expertise of firms; and to replace an underperforming firm in the Main Panel.

The LPG provides updates, reports on key performance indicators and service level agreements, allocates work and measures costs. 

Current panel member firms

Medical liability (existing health panel): Norton Rose, Curwoods, Crown Solicitor Office, Hicksons Lawyers and Makinson & d’Apice.

General claims: Crown Solicitor’s Office, Wendy Blacker Lawyers, Makinson & d’Apice, McCabes, Minter Ellison, Moray & Agnew, Wotton & Kearney

Worker’s compensation: Bartier Perry, Hunt & Hunt, HWL Ebsworth, Moray & Agnew, Rankin Ellison, SMK Lawyers, TurksLegal, 

Employment matters incl. Fidelity: Crown Solicitor’s Office, K&L Gates, Minter Ellison, Norton Rose,

Protective Actions: Crown Solicitor’s Office, Henry Davis York, Makinson & d’Apice, McCabes, Sparke Helmore

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