Actuarial services

Our actuarial providers work with icare Insurance for NSW and icare actuarial to calculate contributions, report on trends, and provide actuarial information to icare.

A range of actuarial services are provided to members of the Treasury Managed Fund (TMF) by icare with our partners Finity and Ernst & Young (EY).

    Services provided through icare

  • Contributions calculations
    Each financial year, Finity and EY calculate TMF member agencies fund contribution values. The first step in the contribution setting process is the calculation of target contributions. The target contribution represents the actuarial estimate of the total fund claims costs and expenses for the ensuing year.
  • Quarterly reporting
    Quarterly reporting on trends, claims and payments for TMF member agencies is managed by Finity’s actuarial team.
  • Ad hoc actuarial requests
    TMF member agencies can submit requests for actuarial information to Insurance for NSW. Based on the nature of the request, it will either be addressed by icare actuaries or outsourced to appropriate providers.
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