Take out a workers compensation insurance policy

If you have employees in NSW, you probably need a workers compensation insurance policy.

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Not sure if you need workers compensation insurance?

Visit our Who needs a policy page for more information.

To take out a policy we'll need to know:

  • General details about your business (eg legal name, ABN, postal and operating addresses, and contact details).
  • A start date for the policy
  • The type of business
  • Details of past workers compensation insurance (if required)
  • The number of workers within your business
  • An estimate of wages paid to workers
  • Bank details so refunds can be returned quickly and securely.

The minimum premium payable for any policy is currently $175.

Workers vs. Contractors

You are only required to provide workers compensation insurance for ‘deemed’ workers. Contractors are not included.

See Classifying your workers for more information on identifying deemed workers and contractors.

Calculating your premium

Your workers compensation insurance premium is based on a number of factors, including but not limited to your industry and how much you pay in annual wages.

Visit our Calculating the cost of your workers insurance premium page for more information.

I've taken out a policy. What's next?

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