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Find out when and how to pay your workers insurance premium.

How to pay

To pay by credit card, simply enter in your policy number and follow the instructions.

Further payment options are available on the remittance advice found at the bottom of your premium invoice.

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Other payment options

If you'd like to set up direct debit to pay your instalments, please call us on 13 44 22.

If you'd prefer to pay by BPay refer to your premium notice and tax invoice for BPay Biller code and Reference details.

Paying in instalments

We'll send you an invoice when your premium is due for payment.

You are eligible to pay in instalments:

  • If your average performance premium is greater than $1,000, you have the option to pay by instalments.
  • If your average performance premium is more than $1,000 and up to $5,000, you have the option to pay it in quarterly instalments.
  • If your average performance premium is more than $5,000, you can choose to pay it in monthly or quarterly instalments.

Note: Your 'average performance premium' is your Workers Insurance premium, calculated by taking your industry classification rate and multiplying it with how much your business pays in wages.

 Discounts for premiums paid in full

You are entitled to a discount on your premium if you pay your annual premium in full on or before the due date.

The discount can be applied to premiums over $175, regardless of an employer's entitlement to instalments. It is available only to policies that are for a 12-month duration and the minimum premium payable is $175, including any discount.

The discount is based on your initial premium payable and will not be adjusted as part of the hindsight premium calculation process, or if wages estimates are adjusted mid-term.

The discount rate is subject to change.

For small employers, the current discount is 5 per cent.

For experience-rated employers the current discount is 3 per cent.

End of period premium adjustments

If your end of period adjustment is more than $1,000, you can pay it in three equal monthly instalments.

You will receive a schedule of instalments with your adjustment premium calculation notice.

If you miss an instalment or are having difficulty paying your premium, you should immediately contact icare on 13 44 22 to discuss what payment options are available.

Late payments

Late payment fees may be charged on overdue premiums. These are compounded monthly on the outstanding balance at the end of each month.

The rate is prescribed by the State Insurance Regulatory Authority in the Workers Compensation Market Practice and Premium Guidelines (PDF, 2.6 MB).

If we need to contact you about payment of your premium one of our service providers may reach out to you on our behalf. Our service providers are Woods & Day Pty Ltd, TurksLegal and Craddock Murray Neumann.

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