Preventing injuries at work

We'll help you reduce workplace injuries, and reward safe employers with lower premiums so more money can go to NSW businesses.

Introducing Protect Together ...

Protect Together (P2) is a pilot program for customers that are paying significantly higher premium than their Average Performance Premium (APP) and would benefit from specialist support.

Why Protect Together?

  • Access to diagnostic tools - to help you understand what work can be done to improve injury prevention at your workplace.
  • Access to subject matter experts - to work with you to design an improvement plan for injury prevention.
  • An action plan - we'll work with you to create an injury action plan using the insights from the diagnostic process.
  • Ongoing mentoring - we'll partner with you over the next 12 to 24 months to help you achieve your goals.

Here's how it works

  1. Commit
    Your Injury Prevention Specialist will meet with you to discuss P2. If you’d like to participate you'll be asked to commit to the program.
  2. Insights
    Your Injury Prevention Specialist will visit your business to conduct a diagnostic assessment. We’ll identify factors that impact health and safety in your workplace.
  3. Plan
    We'll work with you to understand your priorities and develop an action plan suited to your business.
  4. Action
    We’ll monitor implementation of your action plan and guide you on your injury prevention journey well into the future.

Culture survey tool

A culture survey tool is widely accepted as the best analytical approach to understanding workplace culture. The survey, developed by icare and validated by Griffith University, asks a series of questions that measure culture across five areas of your business:

  1. leadership
  2. communication
  3. interpersonal relationships
  4. guidelines, procedures and resources 
  5. reporting.

Your Injury Prevention Specialist will work with you to identify the best time to send out the survey, and the best way to communicate it to your workforce. You'll get a personalised culture dashboard with insights into existing attitudes, beliefs and perceptions - which you can use to form the basis of a culture change program.

Want to know more?

Contact your Injury Prevention Specialist directly or send us an email to

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