Wage audit process

Need to know more about the wage audit process? Here are some of our most commonly asked questions.

    Frequently asked questions

  • Why are wage audits conducted?
    To ensure that the correct wages are used in premium calculations and that all employers are contributing their fair share of premiums based on risk. Wage auditors provide employers with guidance for declaring wages correctly and the records required to be kept, making it easier to comply with workers compensation requirements.
  • Why were we selected to be audited?
    Policies are generally selected for audit using data analytics, based on several potential risk factors, or as a result of a referral (e.g. from other government agencies such as SIRA).
  • How much notice will I get?
    The auditor will contact you to arrange a date. The timeframes are generally flexible and can be adjusted to suit your business. However, the auditor is required to complete their final report within 4 months of the notification date.
  • Can I decline to be audited?
    No, compliance with a wage audit request is subject to legislation and you will need to cooperate with icare and the auditor to allow the audit to be completed.
  • How long will the audit take to complete?
    The time will depend on the size of the business and the wage records provided. Generally, onsite audits take approximately 1-5 working days.
  • Do I have to pay for the audit?
    Audit costs are generally paid by icare. However, if the audit identifies that your wages have been under-declared by an amount greater than 25%, legislation allows for recovery of the cost of the audit from you.
  • Who will perform the audit?
    The audits are conducted by independent auditors that have been selected from icare’s wage audit panel.
  • What records will I need to provide to the auditor?
    The list of wage records and details required are included in the letter your received from the wage auditor, notifying you of the wage audit.
  • Will the auditor come to my business?
    The audit will normally take place at your business address or at the office of your accountant.  However, audits can sometimes be conducted remotely, without the need for a site visit, where the employer is willing and able to send their wage records to the auditor.
  • Will I be able to see the results of the audit?
    Yes, the auditor will discuss the results of their findings with you at the end of the audit before finalising their report. You will be able to provide any further information you think should have been considered at this time, if you believe the result is not correct.
  • If I still disagree with the final audit results is there anything I can do?
    Yes, if you still don’t agree with the results of the audit you can contact the icare Customer Resolutions Team and you will have a further opportunity to provide any other details or information to support the reasons you don’t agree with the audit results.
  • Can I appeal the results with SIRA if I still don't agree with the outcome?
    Yes, all employers are still able to seek further resolution of a dispute with SIRA if they are not satisfied with the result of their complaint with icare.
  • What happens if I am overseas and/or leave?
    You should provide an alternate contact person who the auditor can liaise with, such as the company’s accountant, or arrange for the requested records to be provided electronically.
  • Can I submit an amended actual wages declaration for the period(s) being audited, after the audit has been completed?
    No - the auditor's result is final (subject to the appeals process as referred to above).
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