Safety culture survey

When injury rates are high, a change in the business culture around safety may be necessary. We’ve developed a culture survey to help our customers understand and improve their safety performance.

We have developed a safety culture survey, validated by Griffith University, where we ask a series of questions that measure safety culture across seven areas of your business:

  1. Organisational values 
  2. Management support 
  3. Co-worker support 
  4. Guidelines and procedures 
  5. Reporting systems 
  6. Safety climate 
  7. Job demands 

If you choose to partner with us, an Injury Prevention Specialist from icare will work with your business to facilitate the survey. We will produce a personalised safety culture dashboard with the results, to form the basis of a safety culture change program. 

Together we can focus on ways to enhance your overall health and wellbeing strategy and design actions and priorities to improve your business’ safety performance and culture.

Contact your Injury Prevention Specialist directly or send us an email to

Smiling male truck driver sitting in a truck wearing a beanie and high visibility vest