Customer complaints: Our commitment to you

At icare, we rely on and value your feedback. If you're unhappy about an experience you’ve had with us, we want to hear about it.

Your feedback provides us with an opportunity to improve the experience we provide to you and others, now and in the future.

We are committed to:

Resolving your issue

By giving you:

  • A range of ways to find us and lodge a complaint with clear, concise guidance at the first point of contact
  • Assurance that we will find you help as soon as we can if we are unable to address your concerns when you first contact the Customer Advocacy Team
  • Certainty that we’ll keep your information private and confidential, and
  • Our word that your feedback won’t change your relationship with us

Respecting you and making sure you're understood

By giving you:

  • A way to express how you feel about your situation

  • Someone to understand how you’ve been affected and your desired outcome

  • Respect without judgement, regardless of your circumstances

  • Someone with the skills and knowledge to help you at the earliest opportunity, and

  • Assurance that we’ll do our best to resolve your complaint

Guiding you with a plan 

By giving you:

  • A clear plan for the best way to resolve your complaint 

  • An intuitive step-by-step guide - including what you need to do, by when and why

  • Confirmation on who will own and manage your complaint

Always doing what we say we will

By giving you:

  • Updates on how the resolution is progressing toward your expected outcome

  • Clear understanding if the actual result may not match your expectations

  • Contact after the outcome – to check on your situation

  • An overview of how your feedback will help us make improvements to how we serve customers in the future

We value your feedback

We’re committed to providing you the highest level of service when you need it. To do this, we need to learn and improve - which is why we need your feedback.

When you provide feedback, it helps us to think and plan how we can make things better - for you and for all the people that we serve.

They may be big changes to how we run icare, or quick yet necessary fixes. In any case, we promise to use your feedback to make a difference.

What we ask of you

In order for us to do the best that we can to achieve the result that you expect, there are a few things we hope you’ll help us with:

Be polite: We ask that you communicate with respect. Abusive, offensive or threatening language will not be tolerated.

Be honest: It helps your case if we have all the facts and documents; please don’t leave anything out or make any false statements.

Cooperate: Please provide the best information you can by organising the documents you send to help us efficiently understand your situation and start to form a plan for you.

Be clear: Please try to focus on the facts that are relevant to your complaint. Communicating clearly will help us correctly understand your situation as soon as possible.

Be realistic: Please think about the outcome that can be sensibly achieved in the circumstances. We’ll let you know what we can realistically do by when. We ask that you recognise that we’ll do our best within the law, with the resources available to us.

Be aware: icare takes threats seriously. Any communication containing threats or advocating illegal actions will be reported to the NSW Police for investigation and restrictions may be placed on you communicating with icare.

Make a complaint

To provide us with feedback or to make a complaint, please complete the form on our website or call us 
on 13 99 22

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