HBCF builder self-service portal

Our online portal enables builders to apply for certificates of insurance online and access their information on the HBCF database.

hbcf builder self-service portal

This video introduces new users to the hbcf builder Self Service portal and supports new users in navigating the portal and its features.
Video transcript

0:01 In this video you'll learn how to use the self-service portal, the digitised way of applying for insurance for builders.

0:08 Accessing the new icare builder self-service portal on your phone tablet or desktop is easy.

0:16 Once you log in you'll go straight through to the dashboard, your dashboard is the hub that gives you a snapshot of your policies and your job limits.

0:28 It's configured slightly differently depending on whether you're viewing from a desktop, tablet or mobile device and how many jobs you have listed.

0:36 Let's take a look at the desktop where you can see a detailed overview of your policies as well as your approved construction limits, current usage, your profile limits and even your distributor or broker contact.

0:48 You can use your Certificate of Eligibility to show prospective clients that you've been assessed by icare hbcf to have the entitlement to take on the job.

0:58 It's easy to download - just click on the Builder details page and download your Certificate of Eligibility.

1:03 The dashboard is also where you can submit a new policy, select 'submit a new policy' then follow the prompt to complete.

1:16 This application is much like the existing paper application but saves a lot of time and hassle.

1:40 Once you step into the 'project details phase' your application will be saved as a draft and the project value will count towards your eligibility limits.

1:51 Once your application has been bound by your distributor you can download your certificate of insurance to save in your files or send to a homeowner.

2:00 Click on the policies tab click open jobs and then select a relevant policy number to download.

2:10 The portal also lets you close off jobs yourself saving you time, effort and freeing up your eligibility to take on new jobs.

2:19 Start at the policies tab open jobs and select your job, check that it's the job you want to close.

2:28 From there follow the prompts, you can confirm all the details on the former correct or amend them if necessary.

2:35 Once you've confirmed the final details and submitted, it'll update instantly on your dashboard showing that job is complete and eligibility has freed up.

2:46 The portal also allows you to get an indicative insurance quote quickly via the pricing calculator tab.

2:53 It's as simple as clicking the tab and following the prompt to fill in the form which is the same as it would be on paper.

3:03 That's how you use the self-service portal.

View your information in the hbcf database

The self-service portal will allow you to see your information in the hbcf database, including your:

  • eligibility assessment results
  • certificate of eligibility
  • next scheduled eligibility assessment
  • summary of current projects (open job limits)
  • snapshot of your maximum job allowance capacity
  • quote on future insurance premiums
  • current certificates of insurance.

Apply for certificates of insurance

You can now apply for certificates of insurance for your jobs online and track your applications through to approval. 

You can also mark an “open job” when completed as “closed” online so that you can free up your capacity for future jobs.

How to get access to the portal

  1. Identify a responsible person within your business to have access to the portal as the self-service portal manager.
  2. Send an email to your broker with the name, phone number and the email address of your nominated person,
  3. The broker will forward that information to hbcf.
  4. We will create a user identity and set up a password and notify the nominated person of their login details.

Working with your broker distributor

 Even if you have access to the portal, you should still refer to your broker for:

  • Eligibility applications and reviews
  • Applying for more complex project- specific certificates of insurance
  • General professional assistance for hbcf insurance
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