Changing your eligibility

If you want to take on a project outside your eligibility profile, you will need to apply for an eligibility profile change

As you develop your skills and capabilities as a builder, you may want to change your profile e.g. progressing from building single dwellings to building multi-unit developments. Alternatively, you may wish to increase the number and/or value of projects that you have under construction at any given time or you may wish to increase the maximum contract price for a work category.

Apply for eligibility through a broker distributor

Approved broker distributors act as a builder’s advocate in dealing with Corporate Scorecard, the Eligibility Risk Manager. The broker distributor will check to see that complete and accurate information is submitted on your behalf. This will help for the Eligibility Risk Manager to make a fully informed decision when undertaking its risk assessment of your application for eligibility for hbcf insurance.

The Eligibility Risk Manager will assess your eligibility using the same process and methods as when you received your certificate of eligibility. However, a financial assessment will not be required where no increase in open job value is being requested.

You may also be granted eligibility upon the condition that you participate in the building contract review program (bcrp).

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Financial consequences

Profile changes can have financial consequences for a builder.

This can include changes to working capital requirements, building cycles, and available resources & management.

Consequently, the Eligibility Risk Manager will examine all factors that may affect future financial viability when they make their assessment of the application.

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Ongoing eligibility review

Depending on your eligibility profile, your eligibility may be subject to regular review as part of your eligibility conditions.


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How we work with builders

hbcf insurance is only required where the builder directly enters into a contract with a homeowner, owner-builder or developer. Where you work as a subcontractor, the principal contractor should provide the certificate of insurance to the homeowner.