Website and accessibility

View website and accessibility data from the icare website.

icare uses website accessibility features in accordance with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).

This allows people living with a disability to have an easy experience when visiting our site.

We also use a 27-language translation tool for members of our culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) communities.

April - June 2019 

Most viewed sections of the website

The most viewed sections of the website after the homepage were:

  • Employer pages
  • Contact us
  • About us
Most viewed section of the website: Employers had 160,841 pageviews; Home page had 125,849 pageviews; Contact us had 86,749 pageviews; About us had 38,920 pageviews; Builders & Homeowners had 33,519 pageviews; Search results had 20,602 pageviews; Practitioners & Providers had 16,687 pageviews; News & Stories had 11,885 pageviews; Government agencies had 10,967 pageviews; Lifetime Care had 10,498 pageviews.

Website users by hour

Website usage averaged 22,148 users per hour, between the hours of 8am and 5pm for this period. 

Language translation

Foreign language translations were selected 382 times:

  • 25% Chinese (Simplified)
  • 22% Hindi 
  • 21% Japanese
Most preferred website translation: 94 Chinese (Simplified); 86 Hindi; 81 Japanese; 37 Korean; 32 Chinese (Traditional); 14 Vietnamese; 7 Spanish; 6 Portuguese; 5 Indonesian; 20 other.


The ReadSpeaker feature was used 2,000 times to listen to the content of pages. The top three pages were:

  • Get a Workers Compensation Insurance Quote page with 244 ReadSpeaker usages
  • Who needs a policy with 92 usages 
  • Notify us of an injury or make a claim with 82 ReadSpeaker usages

Accessibility features

Accessibility features were used 78 times.


The most selected accessibility fonts were:

  • 73% icare Default
  • 11% Open Dyslexic
  • 6% Arial
Most preferred font for accessibility: 57 Default; 9 Open dyslexic; 5 Arial; 4 Times New Roman; 3 System default.

High contrast types 

The most selected High contrast types were:

  • 37% Turn off High contrast
  • 32% Turn on High contrast
  • 30% Turned on Night mode. 
Most preferred high contrast type for accessibility: 29 False; 25 True; 24 Night mode.