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Social support survey

The Influence of Social Support and Social Integration Factors on Return to Work Outcomes for Individuals with Work-Related Injuries
Journal of Occupational Rehabilitation: 22 January 2019

Authors: Codi White, Rebecca A. Green, Samantha Ferguson, Sarah L. Anderson, Caroline Howe, Jing Sun, Nicholas Buys

The social resources of an individual are critical to their ability to cope with external stressors, such as recovering from an injury or illness. These social resources comprise individuals access to social support (i.e. perceived or actual help offered from non-professional others), and their social integration, or the extent to which they engage with different relationships and perceive themselves to belong to different communities.

Research has found that injured workers with compensable work-related injuries or illnesses fare more poorly in their recovery and return to work outcomes, and it has been suggested that this is due to additional social obstacles to returning to work (for example social pressure or isolation from connections at work), that occur primarily when an injury or illness is work-related.


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