Improvement at icare

We are actively engaged in a program to improve icare's operations, performance, culture, risk and governance, to ensure better outcomes for our customers, our people and our schemes.

A message from CEO Richard Harding

Recent reviews of icare have highlighted several areas that need improvement and we are taking action to address these through a comprehensive program of reform and remediation.

This work focusses on three key areas: improving risk and governance to meet community and regulatory expectations; improving performance, particularly getting injured workers back to work sooner and reducing internal costs; and driving an accountable culture.

Many major initiatives have already been undertaken. But we're not stopping there. Our multi-year improvement program, made up of 40 initiatives, will create organisation-wide, lasting change that will strengthen our schemes for the future, and deliver better results for the people and businesses of NSW.

As part of this work, we are committed to transparency, and we will be providing regular updates here on our improvement progress.

There's a lot of work ahead of us. We are determined to learn from the past and to emerge stronger for the changes that we're making to lift our performance and restore confidence in the work we are entrusted to do: caring for the people that rely on us, supporting businesses in their workplaces and providing the long-term safety net that enables the NSW economy to thrive. 

In consultation with NSW Treasury we are working to engage an independent assurance provider who will report to the State Insurance Regulatory Authority (SIRA) and Treasury on our progress.

All activities underway to meet the recommendations of the independent review by PwC of icare governance, accountability, and culture (GAC Review) and the icare and State Insurance and Care Governance Act 2015 Independent Review Report by the Hon Robert McDougall QC (McDougall Review) will be verified. This reporting will start in early 2022.

Read about our progress

Risk and governance

We're making improvements to our risk and governance practices to meet community and regulatory expectations.

Board governance: we're building capability around our risk, governance and accountability practice.

Management governance: we're improving our management governance through a new leadership structure and clearer accountabilities for scheme performance.

Risk and compliance: we're embedding new frameworks, committees, oversight and systems that will strengthen our risk and compliances practices.

Procurement practices: we're improving our procurement practices through an icare-wide change program that will strengthen compliance, transparency, frameworks and procedures.  


We're making improvements to get injured workers back to work sooner and reduce internal costs.

Performance of the Nominal Insurer: we're improving the way we collect, use and store data; improving our claims service model to give employers more choice; and helping injured workers get back to work sooner.

Listening to customers: we're actively listening to our customers and bringing their voices into our decision-making processes.

Financial sustainability: we're improving our return to work rates, and changing the way we work across our schemes to reduce internal costs.

Culture and accountability

We're making improvements to ensure an accountable culture at icare, particularly for our leaders.

Culture: we're creating a cultural roadmap to build a truly accountable culture that will inform every action we take as an organisation and as individual employees.

Remuneration and performance: we're improving our remuneration and performance management frameworks with specific focus on transparency, accountability and reporting.