Quality of Life fund

Our four successful partners: HammondCare, 3Bridges Community, The University of Sydney in partnership with Brain Injury Australia and Cerebral Palsy Alliance.

As a social insurer, icare invests in ideas and innovations through the icare Foundation that help to prevent injury, improve recovery and enhance quality of life for the seriously injured and their families. To achieve this, we co-design solutions with organisations to maximise the impact of our social investments.

icare Foundation has made a $3,000,000 investment with four partners to resolve some of the challenges facing participants in icare’s Lifetime Care, who have been seriously injured on NSW roads.

Restoring hope – fostering connections, engagement and purpose following a spinal cord injury

HammondCare is adapting an existing evidence-based successful program developed for people with chronic pain, the Core Strength Program. They will modify, refine and pilot it to make it relevant to the specific experiences and needs of people with spinal cord injuries (SCI) and interested partners and families. The course aims to restore hope through exploring the value of connections and purpose and making a meaningful contribution following an injury, improving psychological wellbeing and quality of life.


Inclusive volunteering network of adults with a traumatic brain injury

3Bridges Community has proposed the development and piloting of an Inclusive Volunteering Network designed to provide a trained volunteer ‘buddy’ and tailored case management to support adults with a traumatic brain injury (TBI) to locate and participate in meaningful volunteering roles with local community organisations, government and businesses. The initiative aims to improve quality of life by reducing social isolation and provide a renewed sense of value and purpose.

3Bridges Community

Online communication training programs and social networks for people with traumatic brain injury

The University of Sydney, in partnership with Brain Injury Australia, will develop communication training programs and an online training and assessment portal designed to increase communication skills for people with traumatic brain injury (TBI), their families and carers, to increase their participation and social connections and enhance their quality of life. The programs will also be relevant for support people who interact with people with TBI.

Sydney University TBIconneCT

ENABLE pilot – life skills programs for people with traumatic brain injury

Cerebral Palsy Alliance (CPA) is tailoring four successful life skills programs to be piloted to meet the specific needs of people aged 15 to 35 with neurological disability due to TBI. The programs aim to mentor and support them to become independent, have purpose in their life and meaningful connections. Families and carers will be engaged throughout the programs to develop their skills and confidence to successfully adapt to their family member's newfound independence.

Cerebal Palsy Alliance