Our Initiatives

The foundation embodies icare’s ethos of a commercial mind with a social heart. We work with partners to create societal value so that the people of NSW are happier and healthier.

Sydney Local Health District: a new app to improve patient safety

$60,000 investment

A new mobile app for health professionals, designed to improve patient safety in NSW hospitals, is being piloted in the Sydney Local Health District.

The app allows junior doctors to record competencies or qualifications they achieve as they progress through their training. Supervisors can then access a dashboard where they can view each doctor's record and assess what training is still required.

The app also delivers a platform for training directors to obtain an overarching view of the qualifications and competencies of a cohort of staff across health services and networks, which will assist with the planning of education and training programs.

loop+: a new app to improve health outcomes for wheelchair users

$500,000 investment

icare foundation will fund the further development of a new activity tracker for wheelchair users to pilot with a NSW hospital spinal unit.  

The platform from loop+ features a wheelchair sensor mat that continuously measures pressure, position and general activity throughout the day.

From this, health care professionals are alerted to potential risks like pressure wounds. This means they are able to intervene early and stop problems before they develop. This positive feedback loop also works to promote healthy wheelchair habits and reduce the acceleration of scoliosis and respiratory issues.

Remarkable accelerator

$1.5 million investment

New technologies have great potential to improve the lives of people with disability. But right now people with disability are less likely to benefit from digital technology than the general population.

That’s why we’ve invested in Remarkable. This organisation supports start-ups in inclusive and assistive technologies with a focus on achieving functional and economic benefits for people with disability. Remarkable provides training, mentoring and seed funding to help start-ups bring fully fledged products to market, all the while keeping the focus on social impact.

Remarkable includes people with disability not just as beneficiaries and potential consumers but also as entrepreneurs and employees.

Remarkable is a division of the Cerebral Palsy Alliance.

Everymind: Small business mental health

$1.1 million investment

We have partnered with Everymind to help small business address mental health in the workplace. 

We know that people who work in small businesses face a unique set of mental health risks. We also know that most small businesses simply don’t have the resources to address mental health. That’s why we have stepped up to the plate with $1.1m in funding for an Everymind pilot program into mental health in small business. 

This 18-month pilot aims to understand the mental health issues faced by those in small businesses. From this, researchers will build a suite of mental health support services, tailored to small business.

Agency for Clinical Innovation: Vocational Intervention Program

Phase 1: $576,000 investment (complete)

Phase 2: $1.75 million investment 

After successfully delivering the initial pilot, the Agency for Clinical Innovation has now been approved for $1.75m of funding to continue the program into its next phase. 

We are helping people with a brain injury return to the workforce through our partnership with the Agency for Clinical Innovation and its Vocational Intervention Program. 

We all know the benefits of employment: income, social connection, intellectual engagement, personal achievement, and mental and physical wellbeing. 

For people with a brain injury however, going back to work after trauma can be hard. That’s why we’ve funded the Vocational Intervention Program stage 2 trial, which facilitates return to work by pairing rehabilitation service providers and NSW Brain Injury Rehabilitation Directorate (BIRD) teams with people living with a severe brain injury. 

Together with the injured person, the teams work to facilitate return to work, or entry into a brand-new career.

Craig's Table NSW

$500,000 investment

We’re supporting injured workers to return to work, through our partnership with Craig’s Table initiative. 

Founded by injured worker Rosemary McKenzie-Ferguson, this world-first program provides people with an empathetic support system, as well as a community and work placement program. Here, workers are given new job skill training so that they can re-enter the workforce and build a brand-new future.   

Spinal Cord Injury Australia: Neuromoves

$150,000 investment 

We’re helping people in rural and remote areas access the specialist help they need through our partnership with Spinal Cord Injuries Australia. 

We know that in NSW half of all people affected by a spinal cord injury live outside of major cities. That’s why we have partnered with Spinal Cord Injuries Australia to bring Neuromoves, a specialist spinal cord rehabilitation program, to regional and remote NSW. Neuromoves uses specialised equipment and a suite of exercise services to improve the mobility, function and confidence of people with spinal cord injuries.

Primary & Community Care Services: GP Social Prescription

$1.4 million investment 

We’re investing in people’s mental, social and emotional health to help them feel better sooner by partnering with Primary and Community Care Services. 

Our mental, emotional and social wellbeing all play a vital role in our overall health. That’s why we’ve funded a truly innovative program to get doctors across NSW to embrace holistic health for their patients, through GP social prescription. 

GP social prescription works alongside traditional medical interventions, to help patients who whose long-term conditions may be exacerbated by isolation, depression or anxiety. 

For these patients, social prescription activities are a way to promote self-expression and to build social connection, self-esteem, control, empowerment, resilience and happiness.

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