Measuring our impact

We regularly measure the impact of our funding to ensure we are making the greatest difference possible.

To do this, we look at each project individually and analyse whether it is achieving its project-specific outcomes.

We also measure project effectiveness across three key areas (below).

Are we changing people's lives?

Depending on the focus of the project, we look at whether there has been evidence the program is helping to:

  • Reduce injuries on the road, or at work
  • Boost people’s physical, mental and social recovery
  • Improve the long-term outcomes for people with permanent and significant injuries.

Are we helping the system to operate more effectively?

We also look at how each program is helping the NSW system. To this end, we analyse:

  • How the funds are helping grantees
  • Are the programs are improving research and program collaboration in NSW
  • How the program is impacting evidence-based practice.

Are we saving the NSW community money?

If you’re willing to do things differently you can solve problems in a way that saves the Government money. And that’s what we aim to do.  So, we also measure whether each program is resulting in savings to the NSW Government.

Social and Economic Impact Report

The Foundation’s first Social and Economic Impact Report outlines the benefit-cost ratio for icare Foundation’s investments.

Of the 13 investments included, 12 returned a positive social cost benefit ratio. The Report documents how our investments are helping icare address our three biggest challenges: injury and loss prevention, health and wellbeing, and recovery.

icare Foundation recognised for Social and Economic Impact Report

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