Graduate Program

Our rotational program is designed to provide you with the skills to succeed, and accelerate your potential for a future leadership role.

As a graduate with icare, you’ll have the opportunity to work on projects and in teams that are shaping the future of insurance and care in New South Wales.

Our graduate program can set you up with a career plan and guidance on your next move, including a permanent role with us.

“At icare you're given real and meaningful work. You get to make a difference for the people of NSW, everything we touch here, people feel, and that makes work so much more meaningful.”
Isaac icare Graduate 

Our graduate program

Work across multiple schemes

As an icare graduate, you’ll take part in a rotational program that includes hands-on, practical work experience in real and meaningful roles. The program is designed to not only develop your skills to succeed, but also to accelerate your potential for a future leadership role with us.

Be a part of our next generation of leadership talent

When you complete the program, you’ll be part of our next generation of leadership talent. You’ll have a career plan and will receive guidance on your next career move, which will include a permanent role with us.

Apply strategic thinking and influence to put yourself in a position to grow and succeed
The program will expose you to work that will allow you to think strategically, analytically and creatively about our customers and the future. You’ll also have the opportunity to influence and partner with others both within and outside of icare. The work you do will position you as a future icare leader.

“As a graduate I didn't expect to be involved in as much as I have been, and be given as much responsibility.”
Renee icare Graduate 

What to expect during the program:


Mentoring and coaching with our leadership team, who will support and guide you through your transition into work.

Host team and leader

A host team and leader for each of your rotations.

Tailored learning

A tailored learning and accelerated development program, including workshops and structured learning sessions involving our Leadership team members.

Projects that make an impact

Projects to work on with your fellow graduates involving research, planning, strategy development and presentations with a focus on developing your leadership skills and capabilities.

Regular reviews

Regular performance, development and salary reviews.

Flexible work arrangements

Ability to manage work with your other life commitments at home or in the community.

“I always thought to help people you might need to have a medical degree or, be a nurse or doctor. The ability to work with a company that still helps everyone in that same way is really rewarding for me. The graduate program has been more than what I ever thought it could be. You can get whatever you want out of it, you just have to be willing to take that first step."
Gabrielle icare Graduate

Our graduate program

Learn more about our graduate program and what it's like to be a graduate working for icare.

Video Transcript
00:00 I look after the graduate program at 
00:07 I care
00:09 the graduate program is part of our
00:12 future leaders strategy something about
00:15 I care stood out its connection with
00:17 these customers is not just solely
00:18 focused on doing well as a business I
00:22 thought that I care was somewhere where
00:24 I could really use the things that I've
00:26 learned in a meaningful way and that is
00:28 to better the lives of people in NSW
00:30  the thing that really singles
00:32 out our graduates is really their
00:35 passion I always thought to help people
00:37 you might have to have a medical degree
00:40 or be a nurse or be a doctor but the
00:42 ability to work with a company that
00:43 still helps everyone in that same ways
00:45 is really rewarding for me from the
00:47 moment you walk in at icare the culture
00:50 it's it's something that hits you
00:51 everyone is happy everyone's in a good
00:52 mood everyone is there from a common
00:54 purpose social heart and commercial life
00:57 I felt like that really represented who
00:59 I was as a person and what I want to
01:01 achieve in my career I had done a lot of
01:04 work with social enterprises and
01:06 charities and that was what I was really
01:08 quite passionate about they've all come
01:10 from diverse degree backgrounds they've
01:12 all studied different things they've all
01:14 come from different areas in life they
01:17 were really selected for they're fit for
01:20 our culture rather than what degree they
01:23 complete it
01:24 push yourself far with great mentors
01:26 near the graduate program really does a
01:28 cracking job the effort that IKEA puts
01:30 into their graduates as far as
01:32 development mentoring it's been more
01:35 than what I ever thought it was gonna be
01:37 a culture of courage environmental
01:39 support there's opportunities here that
01:42 anyone can be involved in and you're
01:44 given real and meaningful work as a
01:46 graduate I don't think I really expected
01:49 to be involved in as much as I have been
01:51 and kind of given as much responsibility
01:53 as I have been there's always another
01:55 opportunity around the corner you just
01:57 feel you're learning on the spot every
01:59 single day I feel that you can kind of
02:01 get whatever you want out of it you just
02:03 have to be willing to to sort of take
02:06 that first step you can just make a
02:07 difference for the people here in New
02:09 South Wales everything that we touch
02:10 here people feel and that just makes
02:14 work so much more meaningful
02:16 [Music]
02:22 you