Your opportunity to meet with and hear the latest from icare

icare's Mobile Engagement Team (MET) communicates with employers, brokers and industry associations, with a particular focus on those outside the major NSW cities.

The MET provide information, updates and tailored education on everything to do with icare, and the NSW workers compensation scheme.
icare Mobile Engagement Team on the grass in Coffs Harbour

icare virtual engagement

The icare Mobile Engagement Team will be looking to continue to provide tailored education and training through online methods such as webinars, webcasts and recorded sessions. Please express your interest in attending these virtual events below.

Event Date Register
Back to Business - the safe way 6 August 2020 Register
The way ahead for NSW and Australia in the 2020s and beyond with Bernard Salt 13 August 2020 Register
Understanding PIAWE for Employers and Brokers  20 August 2020 Register
Respect and Resilience - Managing customer aggression within the context of the COVID-19 crisis Recorded May 2020 Recording available here
So we have a claim. What next? Recorded May 2020 Recording available here
Understanding workers compensation policy, claims and managing risk in a COVID-19 environment Recorded May 2020 Recording available here
Updates from the icare Medical Office (Telehealth and Allied Health changes) Recorded May 2020 Recording available here
Understanding Worker's Insurance Premiums, Pricing & Policy Obligations Recorded June 2020 Recording available here
Influencing culture at work to improve performance Recorded July 2020 Recording available here
Effective communication with GP's to improve Return to Work Outcomes Recorded July 2020 Recording available here

icare forums, workshops and conferences

Learn more about important and emerging topics in workers compensation, mental health and injury prevention. Hosted by icare and open to all workers insurance employers and government agency customers.

Event location Date Join us
North Coast 15 October 2020  Register your interest

icare pop-up offices

Come and have a chat with icare staff about all your workers compensation questions. Learn more about what we do and how we can improve your customer experience. Bookings are essential.

Event Date Join us
Sapphire Coast 11 August 2020 Register

Meet our Relationship Managers

Adam O'Leary - Sydney and Southern NSW

Adam has more than 28 years' experience in the workers compensation industry.

He has worked as a case manager and held senior management roles at large insurance companies and rehabilitation providers.

Adam is passionate about supporting businesses to promote safe and healthy workplaces, including harnessing the health benefits of good work for their employees returning from injury. 

Adam O'Leary sitting in a chair smiling at the camera

David Huxley - Northern NSW

David has extensive experience in workers insurance, having held roles in both claims management and policy prior to leading a regional branch with a large insurer.

David enjoys working with regional employers and other stakeholders to assist them with their workers insurance obligations, and supporting businesses to promote safe and healthy workplaces, with a focus on reducing insurance premiums through sustainable return to work.

david huxley at the computer