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The figures displayed are correct as at 30 June 2016

there for nsw

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Through the TMF, icare self insurance protects close to $190 billion of our most precious assets including the iconic Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge.

there for homeowners

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Builder insolvency can leave the homeowner with incomplete or defective works. icare hbcf was there for $14.6 billion worth of projects built last year.

there for workers

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icare workers insurance protects 3.1 million workers across 284,000 employers in NSW. We care for our customers by providing empathetic, person-centric services to injured workers to help them recover and return to work in a sustainable way..

there for pedestrians

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icare lifetime care is there on the road to recovery, helping pedestrians and cyclists severely injured in motor vehicle accidents on NSW roads by providing treatment, rehabilitation and care.

there for dust diseases

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icare dust diseases care is there to look after those affected by work related dust diseases, and their dependents. We currently support over 4,100 people.

there in the workplace

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icare engages with employers to support, help and encourage them to focus on safety, injury prevention and return to work.

there for state employees

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As Australia’s largest public sector insurer, icare self insurance is there to protect government bodies and their employees including NSW Police, NSW Ambulance and NSW Fire and Rescue.

there for community

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icare is there to change lives, teaming up with Australian Paralympic Committee, the John Walsh Centre for Rehabilitation Research, Carers NSW and many other organisations. Our world first Back on Track mentoring program inspires and supports people in their journey back from serious injury.

there for sport

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icare is there on the sidelines supporting over 128 sporting organisations across 65 different sports, providing affordable insurance to keep them in the game.

there for road users

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We will be there for a lifetime providing treatment, rehabilitation and care for those severely injured in motor vehicle accidents in NSW through icare lifetime care. We currently support over 1,100 people.

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