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who we are

icare (Insurance & Care NSW) is a Public Financial Corporation governed by an independent Board of Directors that delivers insurance and care services to the people of New South Wales. Whether a person is severely injured in the workplace or on our roads, icare supports their long-term care needs to improve quality of life outcomes, including helping people return to work.

The Board is directly accountable to the Hon. Matt Kean, Minister for Better Regulation & Innovation. The Minister appoints the Board, who in turn appoints the Chief Executive Officer and employs all our people.

our history

Structural changes to compensation schemes in NSW and related agencies in August 2015 resulted in the formation of three discrete government organisations to promote a simple, efficient and engaging experience for the people of NSW.

The State Insurance and Care Governance Act 2015 commenced on 1 September 2015, creating:

  • icare (Insurance & Care NSW) – a single customer-focused insurance and care service provider
  • State Insurance Regulatory Authority (SIRA) – an independent insurance regulator
  • SafeWork NSW – an independent workplace safety regulator. 

The structural separation of these insurance functions was recommended in various reviews and inquiries to resolve the inherent conflict between regulatory and service delivery functions and created a clear distinction between regulation and operations.

our purpose

We protect, insure and care for the people, businesses and assets that make NSW Great.

our vision

To change the way people think about insurance and care by providing world class services to people, businesses and communities.

our values

Integrity, Courage, Accountability, Respect, Empathy.

our dna

icare purpose diagram